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The NCC is the world's largest uniformed youth organization. Ncc full name National Cadet Corps. It is a huge organization made up of youth from India and Nepal.NCC motto Unity and Discipline. It aims to teach students the life skills, the importance of unity, discipline and important ethics & values.

How to join NCC | Join NCC after class 10th/12th

How to join NCC

There is a lot of vacancy coming out every year for admission to the NCC. This vacancy comes out in July and August of the year.
First, I would say that NCC has two sections. They are-
  1. junior division.
  2. senior division.
Junior Division/Junior Wing is for students in class 8 to class 12 of the school.
Senior division/senior wing is for college or university students.

It helps the youth of India to develop and prepare themselves in all three forces that are the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce. This focus on youth leadership qualities, to enlighten those who are ready to serve the nation.
This is available to all boys and girls. both candidates are available.

How to join NCC

How to join NCC at school level (junior division) –

If you want to join NCC at school, you need to contact the Headmaster of your school. You tell the Headmaster whether your school has an NCC Or whether your school is affiliated with an NCC battalion.

1) If the answer is yes then you will tell your teacher how to join NCC? Then explain to you exactly what you need to join this NCC program.

2) If the school does not have an NCC, you will need to take a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your headteacher and talk to an NCC battalion officer in the area around you and show admission to the NOC(No Objection Certificate).

How to join NCC after 10th/12th (senior division)

1) first you have to apply to the NCC office at your university or college.
Then NCC sir will take your physical and medical checkup there and if your college or university gets number of applications then you can take an interview or some return test.

Then you need to flip NCC's application form.
Admissions forms must then be submitted to the college's commanding officer. If the commanding officer thinks you are eligible for NCC, he must enroll you in ncc.

2) But if you do not have a ncc in college or university, you will need to talk to the commanding officers of a college or a battalion in the vicinity of the area.

You should ask the commanding officer what the procedures are for entering ncc,How to join ncc. He'll explain exactly what you need.

NOTICE- so many processes that are enrolled in Ncc must be done in July and August.

What eligibility do you need to join NCC –

  • Of course, being a citizen of India or Nepal is very important.
  • A list of educational institutions must be included.
  • Must carry a good moral character.
  • need to be mentally and physically fit and active.
  • Age Limit–
  • A) Junior division–Both boys and girls age limit from 13 years to 18 years.
  • B) Senior division–The age limit for both boys and girls is up to 25 years.
  • Also, your parents should get permission.

NCC course details –

NCC course details 

1) NCC course details (junior division)-

The junior division course of ncc has a duration of two years. after completing the course for two years, an exam is taken at the end of the year.
"A Level Certificate" is available if you pass this test which will help improve your future.

2) NCC course details (senior division)-

The duration of the course of the Senior Division of Ncc is three years. If you complete the course for three years then you have to take one test every year.
One in each test Certificate is issued. Such as the "Ncc A certificate" in the first exam, the "Ncc B certificate" in the second test and the "Ncc C certificate" in the third test.
 Of the 3 certificates, the most important is the "Ncc C certificate".

If you intend to join the Army in the future, this "Ncc C Certificate" will help you move forward.

NCC Unit-

The NCC has 17 directorates.which is divided in a total of 814 units divided into three service groups Army, Navy and Air. Out of those 684 are Army, 69 Navy and 61 Air units.

Join ncc

Here are some of the information given in this post–
  1. How to join ncc.
  2. How to join ncc at school level.
  3. How to join ncc after 10th.
  4. How to join ncc after 12th.
  5. Ncc c certificate.
  6. Ncc course details.
  7. Ncc unit.

We hope you make many improvements in NCC life.
Please comment on why you want to join the NCC.
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