NCC Ranks Full Details

NCC has helped brighten the future millions of youth in our country. The cadet's NCC ranks are given according to qualification, seniority and behavior.

According to some reports showed that 85% of NCC cadets were In the future join the Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force.

The headquarters of the NCC is located in New Delhi and the Director-General of the NCC, Lieutenant General controls the entire NCC. 

It is divided into 17 Directorates across the state level and has fourteen group headquarters in each state.

Ncc Ranks Image
Ncc Ranks Image

The NCC rank is divided into two sections -
  1. Senior division (senior wing) Ranks.
  2. Junior division (junior wing) Ranks.

 Ncc Ranks And Badges

First of all, let's see what are the rank in the senior division - 

  1. Cadet Senior Under Officer.
  2. Cadet Under Officer.
  3. Company Sergeant Major.
  4. Company Quarter Master Sergeant.
  5. Sergeant.
  6. Corporal.
  7. Lance Corporal.
  8. Cadet

Cadet Senior Under Officer :

Cadet Senior Under Rank
Cadet Senior Under Officer Rank In Ncc

The senior Under Officer is called SUO in short form. SUO is the highest rank in NCC. The SUO has the power to control the entire NCC Battalion, ANO and PI Stuff.
It is divided into two types- 1. Golden SUO, 2. Black SUO. 
To achieved this rank -
  1. The cadet will have to remain in the Junior Under Officer position for at least six months.

Cadet Under Officer :

Cadet Under Officer Rank
Cadet Under Officer Ncc rank

The Cadet Under Officer is called CUO in short form. CUO is the second-highest rank in NCC. There are four CUOs in each NCC unit.
There are two conditions for achieving these ranks in NCC - 
  1. The first is that the cadet must be in the rank of sergeant for at least 6 months. 
  2. The second is that the cadet needs to get a B certificate with a good number.

    Company Quarter Master Sergeant :
    Company Quarter Master Sergeant Rank
    Company Quarter Master Sergeant Ranks

    Company Quarter Master Sergeant is a senior commissioned rank used in the military in many countries. this is called CQMS in short form.
    There are two conditions to achieve this ncc rank -
    1. Firstly, you have to be in a corporal position for six months. 
    2. Secondly, Cadet must be the second year.

    Sergeant :
    Sergeant Rank
    Sergeant Ncc Cadet Officer Ranks

    This Sergeant rank is assigned to junior division boys and girls.this is called SGT in short form. It is used by police forces in many countries.
    To receive this rank, you must have the same qualifications as the Company Quartermaster Sergeant. 
    1. Firstly, Cadet must be the second year. 
    2. Secondly, you have to be in a corporal position for six months.

    Corporal :

    Corporal Rank Image

    Corporal means "Of The Body." It ranks above the lance corporal and below the sergeant. this is called CPL in short form. 
     There are two conditions to achieve this ncc officer ranks -
    1. Firstly, the cadet will have to remain in the Lance corporal position for at least six months.
    2. Secondly, The cadet must pass the weapon training test.

    Lance corporal :

    Lance Corporal Rank
    Lance Corporal Rank

    The Lance corporal rank is the first rank of any NCC cadet. this is called LCPL in short form.
    There are three conditions to get its rank -
    1. The cadet needs three months of training in NCC. 
    2. The cadet must be present in 75% of the parade.
    3. Cadets must pass Drill, Map Reading and Fieldcraft.

    Cadet :
    Cadets are not a ranks in ncc. When an ordinary student is admitted to NCC, he is called a cadet.
    This is called CDT in short form.

    Ncc Ranks In Schools

    Ncc Ranks In Schools
    Ncc ranks in schools
    For schools(JD & JW) -
    1. Chief Officer
    2. 1st Officer
    3. 2nd Officer
    4. 3rd Officer
    For colleges(SD & SW) -
    1. Major
    2. Captain
    3. Lieutenant


    What is the motto of NCC?
    - Unity and discipline / एकता और अनुशासन / একতা এবং অনুশাসন।

    What does NCC mean?
    The NCC is the world's largest uniformed youth organization. Ncc full name National Cadet Corps. NCC motto Unity and Discipline. it's headquartered are new Delhi.

    What is the full form of CHM in NCC?
    The COMPANY HAVALDAR MAJOR is called CHM in short form.

    What is the highest rank in NCC?
    - Senior Under Officer( SUO).

    Who is DDG of NCC?
    Answer- First, let's say the DDG's full name is Deputy Director-General. Currently, the NCC's DDG is Commodore Vijesh Kumar Garg.

    Who invented NCC?
    - Ncc was discovered by the United Kingdom Government.

    Do NCC cadets get paid?
    - The NCC cadet gets Rs45 per day per parade as refreshment allowance but the majority of schools do not impart proper training to the scouts.

    What are the ranks of NCC?
    - There are 155 cadets in every company of senior division (SD) NCC. There are in an NCC company 18 lance corporal,  9 corporals, 5 sergeants, 3 under officers and 1 senior under officer.

    How many divisions are there in NCC?
    - The NCC is divided into 17 directorates. They are divided into many states of our country.

          Let me say there are some people in our country who think the NCC is a very small organization. But the NCC is the future of our Indian Army.
    So the young students of our country must join the NCC.

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